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INDOCART Board 3D Printer Bigtreetech 24v UPS V1.0

INDOCART Board 3D Printer Bigtreetech 24v UPS V1.0

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INDOCART Board 3D Printer Bigtreetech 24v UPS V1.0

Kode Produk:

Bisa digunakan pada type:
Compatible with most 3d printer motherboards on the market
Example : SKR PRO 1.1/SKR 1.1/SKR 1.3/SKR MINI E3

Power input : 24v
Logic voltage : 3.3v or 5v
Capacitors : 9
Appearance size : 52.53*50mm
Installation dimensions : 44.58mm*39.38mm
Support model : All DC 24v powered 3D printers are available (like Ender 3)
Super compatability : Compatible with most 3D printer motherboards on the market (For example SKR PRO V1.1/SKR V1.3/SKR MINI E3 V1.2)
Colour : Black
Material : PCB

Notes :
Please confirm whether your printer is poweres by DC24v or DC12v power supply before installation. Select coresponding module.
When connecting the power cord, please distinguish the positive and negative poles. When connecting the signal line S, connect the signal lines on the motherboard correctly.

Protection model :
When the power is cut off unexpectedly, hotend are automatically raised, and the nozzle will not burn the print model.
Chip and anti-reverse protection circuit
Adopt voltage comparator LM393 chip, which can detect power failure sensitively. An anti-reverse protection circuit is added at the power interface to prevent irreversible damage caused by the reverse power supply, which greatly protects the circuit board.

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