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3D Printer Parts-BambuLab-BuildPlates-Bambu Cool Plate

3D Printer Parts-BambuLab-BuildPlates-Bambu Cool Plate

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INDOCART 3D Printer Parts Bambu Lab Bambu Cool Plate

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X1 Series, P1P

Bambu Cool Plate Perfect for printing PLA with a low hotbed temperature. The Bambu Cool Plate is a Bambu Engineering Plate with a Cool sheet that has already been applied to the underside, giving you the use of both sides. The Cool sheet is a consumable printing surface that is used in conjunction with a thin coat of glue stick and works well with most common filament types with a low heat deflection temperature.
The Bambu Cool Plate leaves a smooth finish to printed models that come in contact with the Cool Plate and might require a bit of post-processing for cleaning up the glue stick.

-Align the plate with the fixed points of the platform with the name of the plate facing you.
-Lower the plate and secure to the magnetic platform.

Surface temperature resistance: Up to 120C
Flexible spring steel thickness: 0.5mm
Cool Plate sticker thickness: 0.4mm
Usable print size: 256*256mm
Color: Dark Grey

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