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INDOCART 3D Printer HotEnd Original Phaetus Dragon Hotend HF Blue

INDOCART 3D Printer HotEnd Original Phaetus Dragon Hotend HF Blue

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INDOCART 3D Printer HotEnd Original Phaetus Dragon Hotend HF Blue

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Dragon Hotend is the updated 3D printing hotend launched by Phaetus.It adopts full metal kit, the overall high temperature resistance is up to 500, inner hole of the heat break is smooth and the movement resistance is small. Therefore, the filaments effectively melt and smoothly outflow without accumulation, blocking and other problems, to achieve a better 3D printing effect.

Adaptation Models
Standard interface, suitable for normal FDM 3D printers, best choice for bulk ordering
Compatible with
all V6 hotend interfaces
Prusa I3 MK3/MK3S
Titan extruders
BMG extruders

Product Features
Well-designed compact structure
Superior thermal isolation of heatbreak
Reinforced rigid structure
High temperature resistance

– Heatbreak with an ultra-thin wall thickness as thin as 0.1mm, realizing an excellent thermal insulation.
– Increased rigid support structure guarantee the heatbreak remaining intact under the impact of external force.
– Integral frame rigid structure makes nozzle replacement more convenient without grasping the heatblock.
– The inner hole roughness of nozzle and heatbreak Ra0.3, which allow a more smooth movement of filament, resulting a higher resolution prints.
– Standard hotend and high flow hotend have the same overall dimension, which realize a zero barrier for interchangeability.
– The hotend is mainly composed of copper alloy material which has the advantage of faster heating and better heat dissipation.
– Standard all metal kit, with overall high temperature resistance up to 500 .
– Flexible combined structure design makes a strong compatibility.

Compatible with all filaments,including:PLA,ABS,PETG,TPU,PP,PC,Nylon,PEEK,PEI,and composite materials containing abrasive additives,such as carbon fiber,steel,wood,boron carbide,tungsten and phosphorescent pigment

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